Grand Lodge of Maine IOOF

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Grand Lodge of Maine:
Officers 2019/2020
GM: David Gulya

DGM: Ralph Trynor

G. Warden: Roderick Ronco

G. Secretary: Mike Anderson
G. Treasurer: George Merrill
G. Marshal: George Stevens

G. Conductor: Jerry Gray

G. Guardian: Scott Holden
G. Chaplain: Frederick Stuart
G. Herald:Bea Wilson

G. Musician: Paul Sullivan
G. Instructor: Kenneth Clements
Jr. Past Grand:

Grand Rep: Gerald A. Gray

Grand Rep: Frederick Stuart

Alt. Grand Rep: David Gulya

WebMaster Ralph Trynor
District #1: Michele Trynor
District #2: Glenda Knights

District #3: Ron Brand
District #4: Cliff Philbrick
District #5: Richard McLaughlin
District #6: Troy Carter
GL Trustee: John Roberts

GL Trustee: Kevin Cole
GL Trustee: Jerrold Farnham

Special Deputy Rebekah Assembly: Joyce Young


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